East Grove Farms Grand Opening

On June 21st, East Grove Farms held a grand opening event featuring live music, farm tours, and wine … [Read More...]

Summer Wines

Tasting Notes: Summer Party Wines

Every wonder how to choose a wine for your summer backyard cookout?  Lauren Chalupsky-Cannon of The Secret Cellar and Nick Thornburg of Iowa Decanted discuss a few good options which won't break the bank. … [Read More...]

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Wooden Wheel Vineyards

The hatchwork of wooden beams which stretch across the expansive ceiling of the event center is illuminated by the ethereal glow from a dozen hanging chandeliers.  Ranks of aged columns rise from the polished floor to support the mass.  They are … [Read More...]

Wine Reviews

Daly Creek Winery – ‘Virgo Moon’ Dry Red Wine

This bottle, dated 2009, contains a blend of red grapes, including St. Croix, Frontenac, and … [Read More...]

Ardon Creek ‘Chancellor’ – Dry Red Wine

Deep ruby red coloring with vibrant edges.  This wine exhibits subtle earthy tones, black pepper, … [Read More...]

Park Farm Winery – ‘Vintner’s Reserve Marquette’ 2012

Opaque and purplish red nearing black.  When swirled in the glass this wine leaves strong legs and … [Read More...]

Odessa Vineyards – ‘Autumn Mist’ – Dry White Table Wine

This wine, made from the Briana grape, is bursting with tropical fruit notes, including pineapple, … [Read More...]

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