DIY Twine Bucket


I like to use baling twine to tie up my grapes.  Twine is cheap, easy to obtain, easy to use, and biodegradable.

But, it’s not that convenient to carry a roll or a handful of twine to the vineyard.  One false move and suddenly you’re getting tripped up in a tangled mess.

An easy way to handle this is to take a five gallon bucket and drill a 3/8ths hole in the side, a few inches from the top of the rim.  Put your bale of twine in the bucket, fish the twine from the inside of the bale through the hole in the bucket and put a lid on the bucket.  Now you’ll be able to pull out as much twine and you need without opening the bucket.  This method will keep the twine from tangling and keep it safe and dry.

Put the bucket in a convenient place in the vineyard and the supply of twine will always be handy.

Lift the bucket once in a while to make sure there is enough twine to use the next time you may need it.  You can also place a knife or shears in the bucket just in case you’re forgetful – it can save a lot of frustration if you don’t happen to pocket your small tools when you head out to the vineyard.  It can easily hold some wire fasteners and pliers as well.

One thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that the hole you drill should not be large enough for a mouse to squeeze through.  The last thing you want is a critter taking up residence in your vineyard.  Another tip: if the bucket is placed in the shade it will last longer.  The more sunlight it is exposed to the more brittle it becomes.  All told, the bucket should be good for several years.