Iowa Decanted, New Services

Iowa Decanted is proud to announce our new evaluation services, specifically designed for the growth and development of Iowa wineries and wine retailers.  In accordance with our mission to assist in the development and promotion of the native Iowa wine industry, we are now able to offer our skills and experience to businesses wishing to evaluate and refine their comprehensive customer experience.

Our staff is uniquely qualified to offer evaluation and consultation services for digital as well as physical locations.  With over thirty years of accumulated experience in communication services, digital development, and marketing/storybuilding, we can offer constructive criticism and advice to those wishing to further develop and grow their business.  And since members of our evaluation staff are experienced wine-tasters and evaluators, our perspective is particularly valuable for wineries and wine retailers.

In any business, the prospective customer faces a high level of uncertainty, particularly in regards to the quality of goods and services.  Customers who are uncertain, or who lack specific knowledge or experience will focus on a number of quality signals in order to make educated decisions about their purchase.  Among these signals is the digital and physical servicescape of the business, the consistency and quality of customer engagement by staff, and, of course, the quality of the product sold.  The perception of quality is intrinsically linked to each of these elements.

The staff of Iowa Decanted has a vested interest in the success of Iowa wineries and retailers.  Our high level of experience in communication services and evaluation puts us in a particularly strong position to assist in the development and cultivation of the business environment.  Our Mystery Visit Service allows our staff to assess the quality of customer service, servicescaping, product, and overall message of the business environment.

For additional information on service packages, please visit our Services page, or contact Iowa Decanted founder, Nick Thornburg, directly at  Be sure to ask about our Sharing is Caring offer to receive a fee waiver.