6 Iowa Wines to Try

The following wines were compiled from a list of Iowa Decanted’s top-reviewed wines.  To get our take on other wines we’ve tasted, check out our wine reviews!

1.  Odessa Vineyards – ‘Autumn Mist’ – Dry White Table Wine

This wine, made from the Briana grape, is bursting with tropical fruit notes, including pineapple, peach, citrus, and grape.  Although this is a dry wine, it gives the impression of sweetness simply from its fruit forward nature.  If enthusiasts are interested in tasting a wine which exhibits the true characteristics of the varietal – this would be a perfect example.

2.  The Winery at Kirkwood – ‘La Crescent Sparkling Wine’

This wine, made in the traditional French Methode Champenoise and fermented in the bottle, is something to make every Iowan proud.  Subtle and complex, with excellent mouthfeel, this is a wine which can easily be enjoyed by itself or paired with a meal.

Unfortunately this wine is in short supply (a 40 gallon batch), so there isn’t much to pass around.  Get a bottle as soon as possible.

3.  Brick Arch Winery – ‘Chambourcin’ American Red Wine

This wine is nearly opaque, and a deep rich, red color with vibrant highlights.  It displays strong legs when swirled in the glass.  Smoke and toasted oak are evident on the nose, along with an earthiness and some spice.  Dark cherry and licorice can also be noted.  In the mouth this is well balanced and displays a harmony of flavors.  It could be served by itself or alongside a hardy meal.

4.  Snus Hill Winery – American Catnip, White Table Wine

Pale straw coloring.  Strong tropical fruit on the nose, including pineapple, apricot and peach.  There is a hint of minerality to this wine, adding a bit of complexity to the mouthfeel.  The fruit notes are consistent in the mouth, making it a delicious standalone wine, with perfect balance and sweetness.

5.  Cedar Valley Winery – Vignoles, Iowa White Table Wine

The abundance of fruit on the nose makes this a fascinating wine.  Peach, apricot, green apricot predominate.  This is a semi-sweet wine which sits a bit heavier on the tongue than similar whites.  Perfectly balanced and best served slightly chilled.

6.  The Winery at Kirkwood – Frontenac Gris

In the glass this wine appears to glow.  The nose is an explosion of fruit, including notes of apricot, peach, and pineapple.  It is intensely flavorful, with the same tropical fruits as the nose, supported in part by hints of green apple.  Well-balanced and structured, this is a complex wine that could make any Iowan proud.  Best served with light dishes or even by itself, slightly chilled.