Sensory Training

An intensive wine tasting proficiency training course will be held on July 14-15 at the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute, located in the Food Sciences Building on the campus of Iowa State University.

This workshop will benefit both beginners and established professionals who wish to produce, sell, serve, purchase, or simply enjoy quality wine.  The course can be used to certify those who wish to volunteer for the Iowa Quality Wine Consortium (IQWC) sensory panel.

Participants will learn a variety of skills in wine evaluation to become proficient in tasting wines critically, beginning with the major components in wine including sugars, acids, alcohols and tannins. Exercises will be completed in white and red wine aroma identification, varietal identification, wine flaws and faults, and consistency in scoring among others.

This is a 2-day intensive workshop which will meet from 9 am – 4:30 pm each day (with a 90 minute break for participants to leave for lunch).

Participants who attend this workshop may test their proficiency if they wish (separate testing date TBD). Those who pass the proficiency test have the option to volunteer on the IQWC sensory certification panel.

The course cost is $50 per person.

Space is limited, so in order to reserve a seat contact Tammi Martin of the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute, at phone number 515-294-3308, or email her at

(Participants must be at least 21 years of age).

For IQWC membership information contact Joan O’Brien of the Iowa Wine Growers Association,  515-262-8323,