Brick Arch Winery – ‘Chambourcin’ American Red Wine

This wine is nearly opaque, and a deep rich, red color with vibrant highlights.  It displays strong legs when swirled in the glass.  Smoke and toasted oak are evident on the nose, along with an earthiness and some spice.  Dark cherry and licorice can also be noted.  In the mouth this is well balanced and displays a harmony of flavors.  It could be served by itself or alongside a hearty meal.



Train Wreck Winery – ‘Cow Catcher’ Dry Red Table Wine

Very fine bubbles coat the edge of the glass and sit suspended on the surface of this wine.  The wine itself is a nearly opaque tone of red with just a hint of a purplish hue.  The edges appear slightly faded and tawny.  On the nose there is smoke and wood with a generous touch of spice.  Hints of blackberry can be found as well.  In the mouth there is very little acidity, strong flavors of smoke and butter.  Additionally there is a coppery, metallic tang.



The Winery at Kirkwood – ‘St. Pepin’ Sweet White Wine

This is an interesting small-batch wine, which may be difficult to get your hands on.  The bottle we tasted came from a 23 gallon batch, so there isn’t much to go around.


The wine is sweet and floral, with tropical fruit notes and flavors which can only be expressed as being ‘rich’.  There is a nuttiness to this wine as well, which in some cases may indicate a flaw, but it seems to complement the fruit rather well.  The acidity is nearly masked by the sweetness of the wine, but overall it is well balanced.



Cedar Valley Winery – ‘Red Tie Affair’ Iowa Red Table Wine

This wine is ruby with a hint of brown.  Tiny bubbles cling to the inner edges of the glass.  Strong woodiness on the nose with hints of cherry and licorice.  The wine is sweet, with gentle acidity.  Strong vanilla notes on the palette.


Tassel Ridge Winery – ‘Pink Catawba’

The wine’s color lives up to its name.  It exhibits the distinct grapey quality of the Catawba grape on the nose and in the mouth.  Fruit forward and sweet, with a touch of acidity.  Best served chilled – and perhaps during a warm afternoon picnic!


Stone Cliff Winery – ‘Appleberry’ Apple and Cranberry Wine

Strong cranberry on the nose with a solid foundation of oxidized apple.  Hints of nail polish on the nose.  Despite the heavy sweetness, tart cranberry flavors still leave you puckering your mouth.


Ardon Creek – ‘Noveau’

Fine bubbles line the glass, and strong notes of vanilla and sharp oak assault the nose.  Despite the tannic nose, bright fruit dominates the palette with hints of cherry, blackberry, even strawberry.  The sweetness of the wine carries it into imbalance.


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Reunion Vineyard – ‘The Pride of Pleasant Lawn’ Semi-Sweet Red Wine

This wine is deep red, almost black, with purplish hues in its hightlights.  Smoky, with hints of wood and molasses on the nose.  Brown sugar and blackberry in the mouth.  Over-ripe, mature fruit notes throughout.


Ardon Creek – ‘Commission Man Red’, Dry Red Wine

The deep rich red coloring to this wine borders on black.  When swirled in the glass it leaves strong legs and a trail of sediment.  Fresh fruit, cherry, vanilla, and green vegetal notes on the nose.  Slightly sour on the tip of the tongue with a healthy dose of tannins and earthiness on the finish.  Hints of black pepper.


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Tabor Home Winery – ‘Barn Dance Red’, Upper Mississippi Valley Marechal Foch

Nearly black with purplish hues.  Hints of browning at the edge.  There are few legs, but the wine clings to the glass.  Toasted oak is prominent on the nose, along with fig and a bite reminiscent of nail polish.  Sharp acidity on the palate, but sweet at the same time.  Hints of black licorice.


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