Why Support Iowa Decanted?

By supporting Iowa Decanted you are making an investment in the future of Iowa wine.  Our primary goal is to share the story of the native wine industry through consumer outreach and education.  When you become a supporter, you give us the ability to continue this pursuit and assist us in developing the brand story of Iowa wine.  If you’re a wine enthusiast and take pride in locally produced products, this should be reason enough.

For those organizations involved in the wine industry, there are additional benefits to supporting Iowa Decanted.  Trade publications such as ours are a trusted source of information about products and services, second only to word-of-mouth exchanges between family, friends, and work acquaintances (It should also be noted that trade publications are trusted at a much higher level and seen in a more favorable light than the materials distributed by an organization.  These are generally seen as biased by the general public).  By investing in a support banner, organizations increase the odds of favorable action from our target audience.  In other words, by supporting us organizations can increase visibility and reach while significantly increasing consumer interest and trust.


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